Shiro Kuriwaki

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Government
Harvard University

Shiro Kuriwaki is a graduate student in Harvard's department of Government since 2015. He researches democratic representation in American Politics. He is also interested in public opinion measurement, survey methods, and applied statistics more generally. Prior to and during graduate school, he worked at the Analyst Institute in Washington D.C., where he implemented and analyzed campaign field experiments and built statistical models for heterogeneous treatment effects.

Curriculum Vitae

1737 Cambridge Street
Room 411, CGIS Knafel Building
Cambridge, MA 02138

Working Papers

(Please see my CV for other work in progress.)

Ballot Image Log Project

The ballot image log project is collecting and organizing public ballot image log data (also known as Cast Voter Records) to advance the understanding of voting patterns in federal, state and local elections. One of the project's goals is to establish a relational database for such data. This project is one of the 2018 New Initiative Grants from the MIT Election Data and Science Lab and the Madison Initiative of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. See a poster version of this ongoing work here.


I taught the Government Math PreFresher for incoming PhD students in 2017 (with Connor Jerzak). Material updated for 2018 is public in a web book form.

Additonally: my statistics notes covering Probability, Inference, and Regression written for a Masters-level Statistics and Quantitative Analysis (source).


Cumulative CCES Common Content (2006-2017)


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