ccesMRPprep 0.1.10

  • Separate out the synth_functions to synthjoint package (#9)

ccesMRPprep 0.1.9

  • Overwrite cd_info so it uses two party vote (it makes a big difference in Utah in 2016). Add 2016 and 2020 lines too.
  • Allow ACS up to 2019 or error out on unavailable years
  • Update get_cces_dataverse to 2020 CES with validated vote
  • Add option to make White Hispanics as “Hispanics” and make it a default; same for Black Hispanics (806beb2)


  • Fix to wrong values in get_acs_cvap (#7)

ccesMRPprep 0.1.8

  • Introduce synth_prod(), synth_mlogit(), synth_smoothfix()
  • Add New York data as a third sample (acs_NY, cc18_NY, elec_NY)
  • Add option for states in get_acs()

ccesMRPprep 0.1.7

  • Rename get_cces_dv to get_cces_dataverse()
  • Use CRAN version of dataverse (#3)
  • Change formula notation in build_counts and cces_join_slim to (y ~ x) instead of yes | trials(n_response)

ccesMRPprep 0.1.6

  • Update cces_dv_ids link to new Dataverse versions (1ac26f993aa88e343ad686175d885c88f393e3ca)
  • Make Native American a proper category (1f6d8d0b08d5b2e5afb196150b8f79cc54209957)
  • Add a CPS vignette (c64528ee96f136b592c128e7424eab2bea0e9fc8)

ccesMRPprep 0.1.5

  • Change default to ACS-1yr instead of ACS-5yr, since the Census ACS-5 yr should not be used if we want to prioritize recent values (ad30b4c6e181833801ab0604da69849e493e7c57). I guess ACS-5yrs do not up weight more recent years.
  • Use Crunch terminology of names and values for the labels (ce08f874d211bcc89c9ad9a379b039144d50dbba)

ccesMRPprep 0.1.4

  • allow for different names and additional variables in count, get_cces_question, cces_join_slim (a59ad9b105255927365cd59162fc1a4ba4ec1188, a59ad9b105255927365cd59162fc1a4ba4ec1188)

ccesMRPprep 0.1.3

  • Change default so that age gets replaced to bins in ccc_std_demographics
  • treat Don’t knows as NA in yesno_to_binary

ccesMRPprep 0.1.2

  • Sample CCES 2018
  • Derived Variables Vignette
  • More sample questions

ccesMRPprep 0.1.1

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.