Question metadata (sample)



A tibble with 30 rows, each row corresponding to a variable (column) in a particular CCES dataset. It contains metadata about the question in columns.


A unique identifier for the question. This is roughly a concatenation of cces_year and q_code, with some standardization.


A short descriptive label of the question, based on a reading of the actual question wording.


The dataset the variable column comes from. Because the CCES is fielded each year, this is often a year, with the exception of "cumulative"


A string of the variable as it appears in the dataset.


A classification of the response option. Currently it consists of "yesno", "categorical" (discrete but not ordered), "ordinal" (discrete and ordered). All of these presume a discrete response.


#> # A tibble: 30 × 5 #> q_ID q_label cces_data q_code response_type #> <chr> <chr> <chr> <chr> <chr> #> 1 CC06_3075 Cut Capital Gains Tax 2006 v3075 yesno #> 2 CC06_3069 Immigration Reform 2006 v3069 yesno #> 3 CC07_34 SCHIP 2007 2007 CC34 yesno #> 4 CC08_316E SCHIP 2007 2008 CC316e yesno #> 5 CC09_59F PPACA 2009 cc09_59f yesno #> 6 CC10_332D PPACA 2010 CC332D yesno #> 7 CC11_341D PPACA 2011 CC341D yesno #> 8 CC12_332G Repeal ACA 2012 2012 CC332G yesno #> 9 CC12_332I PPACA 2012 CC332I yesno #> 10 CC12_332D Tax Relief 2012 2012 CC332D yesno #> # … with 20 more rows